4 Tips to Get More Engagement (Comments, Likes & Shares) on Your Facebook Business Posts ~ Create A Business That Changes Everything

4 Tips to Get More Engagement (Comments, Likes & Shares) on Your Facebook Business Posts

Don’t you hate it when the only people liking and commenting on your business opportunity post are other people already in your company… and your mom? (Thanks mom, I do love the support)

Yet, if you casually post a picture of your pet, a restaurant meal or a date night selfie, you get likes and comments from friends far and wide?

So annoying, right?!

There’s a way to get more people liking, commenting and sharing your posts and contacting YOU for information, but before I get into that, let’s start with WHY people are NOT commenting on your recruiting and product posts.

When most of us start in our network marketing business, we are coached to post on our Facebook page at least once a day. Some companies go so far as to say up to three times a day. We are told to post our product pictures and our replicated URL on our wall or our friend’s wall. And we’re told the key to success is to be coachable, so…

If you’re like me, you put up your first post, thought “there, I should be making money in no time. My products are so Amazing! Who wouldn’t want them?” and then sat back and waited for the comments and messages to start pouring in… which, of course, they never did.

Then you started wondering what you did wrong and a sinking feeling set in:

“Wow, this is a lot harder than I
thought it was going to be.”

Now don’t get me wrong, Facebook posts about your business can definitely lead to new recruits and product sales. For me it worked for a while but over time, people stopped responding, except for generic comments from company friends. You know the ones like, “I love this product!” or “Best decision I ever made!” While it was nice to have their support, what I really wanted was to get the attention of friends not in the business.

I started wondering what had changed so I dove into learning about using Facebook for business and how to create an actual strategy to leverage the power of social media. What I learned blew my mind.

Here’s why the majority of your friends aren’t commenting on your posts, responding to your messages or joining your team…

  1. Things have changed. There are A LOT of people in direct sales now and   people are tired of all the before and after photos (often photo shopped) and invitations to “An opportunity call/meeting that will change your life”. People get on Facebook to see what friends are up to and take a break from life’s worries. Most people want to see photos of people, animals, and beautiful places, inspiring quotes and feel good stories. **If you’ve been posting a lot about your products and business, don’t feel bad. Before I knew better, I was guilty of posting way too much about my company and products too. I had forgotten facebook is a social site and my friends wanted to see what was happening in my life. The most important takeaway here is it’s easy to recover from these mistakes and start building a following of people who will actually seek out your posts.

Most network marketing posts and messages are about the seller, not the person receiving it.  Sound familiar?

  • “Join my team today!”
  • “Work with the best – We’re #1 in [Industry]!”
  • “Free enrolment this month”
  • “I’m looking for 5 new VIP team mates to join my team”
  • “I have room for 3 more new people on my team”
  • “I’m in a contest and trying for a bonus”
  • “Let’s show support for each other. Post your company link or favourite product picture below”
  • “Let’s support other mom’s and buy from each other”
  • “Cutting Edge Technology/Science in the products”
  • “Get in on the ground floor – The timing has never been better!”

Blah, blah blah…..  Such B.S. Yeah, I am speaking from experience. I posted lines like that all the time a few years back. 

Here’s why posts like this don’t work:

  1. We are wired to think about our own needs and desires. We simply are just built this way. Subconsciously we think…”what’s in it for me?” Posts like the ones above don’t speak to what we want. Instead they just make us think, “Oh, it’s one of those things” and we keep scrolling as we look for something more interesting.

Over time our brains learn to completely ignore posts from certain people in our feed… it become like white noise and we simply keep on scrolling…. and if people aren’t liking, commenting or sharing your posts, Facebook eventually removes your stuff from their feed.

  1. People don’t want to be sold to and most network marketing posts look and feel like a sales pitch. And sending a message to someone through facebook or messenger who never expressed interest in starting a side business or buying the product is confusing and frankly annoying. It’s spamming and it’s a sure fire way to tick people off and ensure they never take a look at your product, opportunity or service…. ever!

Don’t even get me started on being added to product groups without my permission. That’s another blog post for another day! Lol…

Admittedly, I’ve messaged people from high school who I haven’t spoken with in 25 years leading with my business opportunity, and it’s no surprise that 99% of the time I got no response or a polite “no thank you”  before I even had a chance to share anything about the business. Can you relate?

There’s a fine line between using Facebook as a tool to spread your message and using it to spam people.

When we are sending the same message to a large number of people who didn’t ask for it, that is spam. Not only is it no fun for the person getting it, it’s no fun for the person sending it. But there is another way.

Here’s the Alternative, and it will change the way you feel about being a network marketer. It’s also the way our industry is moving these days.

We’ve all heard some version of the saying, “People buy people, not products.”

We like to be around people that we like and trust. When we like and trust someone, we are more likely to buy from them when the need arises.

So your goal in posting on Facebook about your business should be to demonstrate that you have the best interest of others at heart. To develop relationships where people get to know you, like you and trust you. 

You should not have sales on the mind. People can smell commission breathe a mile away.

Chances are, if you’re anything like me, you genuinely feel this way. Of course you want what is best for your friends, as we all feel our product line and opportunity or service is awesome and could help a lot of people but it’s easy to get caught up in reaching goals and achieving promotions.

So how do you make people know that you care and are not just out to grab a sale?

You do it by being real and authentic in your posts. 

So what should your posts be about? Here are my four tips.

#1 Brand Yourself, Not Your Company

Like I said before, we like to buy from people we know, like and trust. So share your authentic life and push yourself out of your comfort zone to be vulnerable.

Before anyone will even consider having a conversation about joining you in business, they’ve got to be able to relate to you in some way. When we are real, it provides that connection and can see themselves in our shoes. They feel less alone in this big world.

On the other hand, talking about how great your company is doesn’t build rapport or connection. And it takes away one of the most powerful and effective psychological triggers used in sales, which leads to Tip #2…

#2 Create Curiosity

By nature humans are curious creatures. We want to see what is around the bend, cliff-hangers keep us coming back for more and we love getting the scoop on a dramatic situation. After all curiosity killed the cat they say….

When you are plastering your company name all over your newsfeed, you eliminate ALL curiosity about what it is you are doing.

However, when you share a story about a physical or lifestyle transformation, show a compelling photo, or talk about the social impact a group of people have made WITHOUT mentioning any company names or showing products, you create the desire to know more.

That desire leads to, “Hmmm, I wonder what she is up to?” Some will comment or message you to find out, which leads to a conversation. The curious but cautious may not take action but will become more tuned into your posts, even subconsciously.

#3 Be A Value Provider

The law of reciprocity is hard at work in our psyches. When someone helps us in some way, we tend to feel a sense of obligation to that person.

So if you post about things that are helpful to your audience, they will feel a sense of appreciation and want to repay you at some point.

Now since your goal is to attract people to you and your business, some of your posts should be providing valuable information as it relates to what you have to offer. Simply valuable info or content without expecting anything back.

For instance, if you are in a nutrition company, you can post “4 tips on sticking with your commitment to eat healthy this week” or “My favourite family dinner recipes”

Over time your audience will label you as someone knowledgeable about health and will think of you when they are ready to tackle a health issue.

#4 Recipricate

Be generous with your comments and likes on others’ posts. It’s a reciprocal thing. The more facebook sees you interacting with people on your news feed the more likely they are to share your content. Don’t  be a lurker…be a participant.

See how this works?

The Shift…

This is a big mindset shift if you have been working with a company or up line who has been coaching you to post your company’s products and business opportunity on Facebook.

But I promise you, it works. Do this and you will get more likes, comments and shares on your posts and messages from curious friends.

Now what do you do if you’ve already posted all over your feed about your company?

No problem, here are three   easy steps you can take:

  1. Chill out with the company posts and start transitioning to this smarter way of social media recruiting.
  2. Create a Facebook fan page about YOU and start attracting followers there using the methods described above. Don’t mention your company – remember, this page is about you. Doing this opens up your world to people beyond your network of friends and family.
  3. Spend some time learning and applying Value Added Attraction Marketing, which is what this post is all about. It is simply communicating in a way that is attractive to others, which results in more sales!

There are lots of resources about attraction marketing online but the best I’ve found and highly recommend is this free bootcamp (basically, a series of emails full of strategic content you can implement to build your business), which was created by a guy named Ferny Ceballos who creates training specifically for network marketers, direct salespeople and affiliate marketers… in other words, people like you who get the importance of leveraging social media to build their business.

Check it out and drop a comment below if you have questions.  When I implemented this strategy, I went from wondering who I could talk to about my business each day to waking up to Facebook messages from people wanting to know about what I do! And that is how I continue to build my business today.

If you found this blog post helpful, share it with your team and please leave a comment below.  Help those new to the business to get off on the right foot (oh if I only knew then what I know now!)

Now go out there, be a value provider and rock your business!


Tracy ~XO


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