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What Is Attraction Marketing?

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely fell in love with the concept of network marketing.

I’ve have a number of people reaching out to me — from all over the world, in fact! — asking questions on how to grow your network marketing business.

As a coach, a network marketing leader, and through questions I answer in my private membership coaching group … online marketing and attraction marketing have always been the #1 topics that arise.

It comes up time and time again.   People have a great opportunity but they aren’t sure how to bring in leads.

Sometimes they are told to create a list of 100 people they know.  In other cases, they end up over prospecting their warm markets, bugging friends and family, and ultimately pushing people away.

I don’t want that for you!

Attraction marketing is not a new concept, but if you are new to this industry, it may be completely foreign to you!

The video below is a Facebook Live from September 2017.  Let’s have a conversation around Attraction Marketing and how it can work for your business.

What is Attraction Marketing?

It’s a method that is taking the Network Marketing industry by storm.  People are reaching out to you instead of you taking the time to reach out to them.

It’s very captivating if you are looking to gain leads into your business quickly.

It’s not simply replacing the old, traditional methods. It’s a way to enhance your branding and grow leads much, much quicker.

For attraction marketing to work, you have to build relationships.  

To give you an example, this is what attraction marketing would look like:

Say you’re talking to a prospect at a coffee shop, and she’s interested in joining your network marketing business. She heads home and she has a few questions, and so what does she do? She Googles your company. Reviews start to come up, and she sees a blog post or a video from another distributor in your company.

Instead of getting back in contact with you, she really likes the blog post, she really likes what this person was talking about, and so she contacts the blog article writer. And then they get her to join them on their team in the company.


And that’s is a super simple example of what attraction marketing is.

This diagram shows a simple little funnel to help you visualize how it works. You’re giving value and offering free content which pulls them in as a lead into your company or your affiliate company.

Create a personal capture page which is your traffic source, whether it’s Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest. You offer them something of value from this traffic source.  In exchange for the value, the lead will offer their contact information.

From there, you will follow up, make a new contact, customer, or friend, and you build a relationship!

Don’t skip over the “building the relationship” step!  You continue to provide them value and nurture the relationship.  Maybe you can offer a free webinar, a free course or blueprint, or training, but you must continue the relationship with that contact.

There are so many things you can do with attraction marketing.

One: Attraction marketing  is a process that helps you gain / attract leads into your funnel.  This is how I am growing my business!

Two: The system is creating a relationship with these leads. It’s really important that you create a relationship with these people. It’s not just people coming in, you want to actually reach out.  Find out how you can help them and what they are interested in learning about – Your Business, Your Opportunity, or Your Affiliate Company.

Three:  This system will allow you to then generate income from the leads. If you decide that you want to become an affiliate marketer, you could actually create a secondary income. I found people that are true mentors in this space. They’re true mentors to us and I’d be happy to introduce you.

Four: It’s a system that you can duplicate.

Attraction marketing is best when you start your funnel by just giving away something for free. Value added, content driven.

Facebook Live is great because you’re offering your audience free information and something of value.  In addition to Facebook Live, it could be through creating some free content. Maybe it’s a blog post — and you don’t have to be some crazy expert at blogging to be able to do this.

That’s basically attraction marketing.

It’s a way that you can pull more people into your network marketing business.

Watch here…. (make sure the sound is on. Bottom right corner for volume)



More about the Elite Marketing Pro system

The company that I am with is Elite Marketing Pro.

I came in at one of their top mentorship levels because I wanted to learn more about online networking marketing and to further build my network marketing business.  They have many levels to suit your needs best.

Whoa! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I am learning and how it is impacting my network marketing business and team!

They have quite a few different levels of participation, including mentorships, and they don’t push you to affiliate their products or courses.  It’s a complete training system and offers the systems that you need for pulling in leads to your business quickly.

It’s a “done for you” system!

They have blogs, capture pages, sales pages, and the copywriting that you need.  The VIP level gives you full access to their courses and access to a private Facebook group for support.

They provide you with a full community of people that genuinely care.

Ferny is a great guy and passionate about teaching others.  To learn more about attraction marketing, I highly recommend that you purchase Ferny’s e-book. The purchase also includes a 10-day video boot camp as well as 3 ignition coaching sessions.

It’s such a great deal and the company is one that I truly stand behind.


Some Final Thoughts

Our market is way more sophisticated now. Going fast are the days of coffee shop meetings and kitchen table product parties. People are wanting to learn how to do this. They’re wanting to learn Facebook ads and capture pages and sales funnels.

It’s not complicated when you have a turnkey done-for-you system. They’re already proven to work.

They show you how to put all the pieces together, and then bam before you know it, you’re gaining leads into whatever it is you want to gain leads for (whether it be your network marketing company, or if you’re promoting some of the products through Elite Marketing Pro and creating that other income stream).

It’s pretty awesome when you keep getting notifications that you’re creating this second income and money is coming through.

Check out a few of my free resources.

I am always available for questions, please contact me!

Cheers to your success!


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