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As an Ambassador, Influencer, social seller or an affiliate marketer your reputation is important to your bottom line and you do not want to promote anything that may tarnish it or be the same old, same old that everyone else is promoting. 

Being different while promoting proven, high end and high ticket offers is where discerning ambassadors, influencers, sellers and affiliates make the best income.

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What Do Our Students and Clients Have To Say?

Unparalleled expertise in the digital business  

Tracy’s unparalleled expertise in digital marketing and business breakthroughs has helped countless entrepreneurs achieve incredible and often life changing results inside their businesses.  I’ve personally worked with Tracy and have gone on to refer several of my team to Tracy to get structured coaching with her very specific, proven and highly effective business strategy mentorship. You must have her programs!

Dawn Sullivan - Top Network Marketing Leader and Recruiter

I now have a business system and proven strategies to creating a business that works!

Pre-Tracy I was grasping at different things, different trainings, frustrated and following all sorts of online names just trying to figure out how to make this all work.  Since finding Tracy, I have direction and finally an understanding of how to build and market my business on-line. I am crystal clear on exactly what makes me money and how to show up with my content online. I now have a business system and proven strategies to creating content that aligns with who I am, strategy for targeting my ideal customers and I have gone on to build a team in the dozens after spending years struggling and listening to all the wrong people.

Lisa Smith - Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer

Her approach is a rare sight to see

Tracy is an amazing person and coach. She deeply cares about her clients at a personal level and she really wants to understand her clients so she can help them grow both their mind and their business. Her approach is a rare sight to see and if you take the time to be vulnerable, open and honest with her, (she doesn't BS around), I promise you will start seeing results.

I started coaching with Tracy 7 months ago. In the first 4 months I had a few clients, 3 months later I'm helping 100's of clients and that has resulted in 10's of thousands of dollars for their businesses. She'll show you tough love when you need it, but it's because she cares so damn much and wants you to succeed.  It's what makes Tracy an incredible mentor! Thank you Tracy for all you do!

Richard Bretton - Tech Specialist and Video Game Developer

The most comprehensive course I have ever had. It was amazing!

From the start, I was enamored with Tracy's authenticity and care for the people she was teaching how to be a successful marketing professional like herself.  I have found Tracy to be an amazing storyteller who pulls back the curtain to show with personal examples of her trials and tribulations before she became a successful businesswoman.  After participating in several of her webinars, she informed me about her courses in which she teaches and coaches other network marketing professionals on HOW to leverage the power of social media to turbocharge their business by attracting their ideal customers and business partners. 

I have had a few trainings on finding perfect prospects before but Tracy's course, "The Ultimate Target Market Identifier" is the most comprehensive course that I have ever had.  She asked many questions that I had never asked myself before or saw in other sub-par trainings.  For example, she asked me outside the box detailed questions about my target group and the specific niche of my business.  Stuff I have never heard before. It was amazing!  I have gained skillsets and confidence in my ability to build the business of my dreams.  And it is already happening!

Irene G. -  Social Marketer

Meet Tracy

Meet the undisputed authority in mentoring entrepreneurs from passion to idea to income online with the proven and unparalleled Passion, Purpose To Profit™ line of products featuring the proven I.M.P.A.C.T Methodology™

 Tracy Chalmers is known as THE QUEEN OF BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGHS, helping business owners become game changers in their field and achieve million dollar breakthroughs in their business.

Tracy is a business growth transformation strategist who specializes in helping service based entrepreneurs identify and implement income building strategies to make six figure leaps in their business using timeless business principles, unique mindset models and cutting edge marketing strategies to sell online.

She shows them how to get crystal clear and focus on the behaviours and strategies that make them money while aligning with who they authentically are.

Authentically Aligned, Courageous Leadership Redefined

Tracy is a multiple award-winning Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Peak Performance Trainer and  Published Author. Tracy has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take their passion + idea and create a freedom driven lifestyle business supporting their families for years to come.