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He Told Me Off… Then Said He Was Unsubscribing

I received an “I’m going to unsubscribe” email from one of my long-time subscribers to my email list and I have to admit, it shook me for a moment.

I will tell you the reason in a minute and then I’ll tell what I really think about it after I shook off the emotion of it and thought about it for a few minutes.

Last week, I sent out one of my regular emails…. You know, you might get them…

But this time the reply back I got was very different from all the other replies I typically get.

You see, this particular reply email was informing me that he was “going to unsubscribe” from my list because he was “tired of my offers and disappointed in me that I charge for my products, courses, programs” and my extensive knowledge.

He went on to say in the year plus that he has been following me he has “noticed” and is “annoyed” that I make offers and invite people to join me inside my programs… and “they have to pay for them”. << gasp! eye roll >>

He also said that I should be providing my email list with free value only, because that is what he signed up for.

Okay, so I admit my initial gut reaction was sadness, a little hurt and a niggling feeling that I am letting you all down. (I’m only a human after all)

I wondered if maybe my free value content in my emails, on my website and blog, inside my free Facebook group, my live trainings on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and my free download and printable resources were just not enough.

I felt bad.

But only for a few minutes.

So then as only 'The Queen of Business Breakthroughs’ would do (I was given that title for a reason.... because my clients get results), I evaluated his written comments and the things his words did not say and realized this is a person who probably:

1. Does not invest in himself to create a growth mindset, correct his money mindset or his business. He comes from a place of serious lack.

2. He probably does not see investing in mentorship as an asset to grow, up level and create breakthroughs and profit inside his business.

3. He is someone that HOPES that piecing together free bits of coaching and value here and there will give him the full business acuamen or personal outcomes he desires.

4. He is someone who likely does not value others’ expertise, experiences, proven track record, masterful skillsets or zones of genius.

5. And he may be someone that would likely be a pain in the ass to coach and work with because some people simply like remaining stuck and frustrated (it must serve him in some way to continue on that path) and will continuously want to tell you all about his woes and how his life sucks, doesn't have money and it's not his fault. This narrative must serve him in some way and maybe he enjoys the attention he receives for it. 

6. Or he doesn’t like being challenged to grow and probably could not handle the digging in work with a mentor; like me who has high expectation’s for your growth, equally high client results and expects you to stretch while locking arms with you to help you achieve your dream lifestyle and results.

Yes, I thought about all of that.... when I was evaluating the situation and what his written words did not say.

Then I became sad for him, as he may never have his huge dreams for his business and lifestyle realized.

(Believe me, I sincerely wish for him to see his dreams come to fruition, but some people just do not want to be helped)

As an award winning mentor and coach and someone who has worked with thousands of students in business it is my responsibility to make you an offer to join me inside one of my proven courses, programs or 1:1 experiences.

I would be doing you a dis-service if I only put out bits and pieces of free value that provides some info and learning but does not fully connect all the dots for your understanding that allows you to go on and create the business of your dreams; on your terms, while gaining back the freedoms of time, energy and family.

There are already too many of those people who really do not have the expertise, experience or proven systems and results putting out free, mediocre stuff on the daily all over social media.

I will not be one of them.

It is my offers and the very specific and proven systems I teach and guide you through for your business that has allowed so many of my students to go on to build their dream lifestyle.

When you invest in yourself by working with me, you get the outcomes.... that is what you pay for.

Would you rather shop at Walmart or Nordstrom’s?

I will continue to love and care upon you and invite you to invest in yourself and work more closely with me inside my proven systems because I believe in you and what you are capable of.

Doing my part and creating massive impact in this world is my personal responsibility while I’m here on this earth and if my pebble of impact reaches and lands inside your pond then I have done what I was put here to do.

Tracy xx

P.S. He still has not unsubscribed. 😉

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