How To Move Your Business Forward Faster In 2020 Without Sacrificing Your Family or Yourself ~ Create A Business That Changes Everything

How To Move Your Business Forward Faster In 2020 Without Sacrificing Your Family or Yourself

Entrepreneur? Are you looking to achieve your goals in 2020, move your business forward at light speed and do it without sacrificing your family or yourself? Here's how!

Do you have the same things happen in your business, over and over?


  • Not rank advancing fast enough?
  • Not enough cash flow?
  • Falling of the consistency wagon?
  • Not enough people to talk to?
  • A Lack of customers?
  • Team members doing nothing?
  • Wondering WHY everyone is moving forward in their business but you're stuck in a rut?

It's making you completely crazy because you are working your tail off and getting minimal results.

And you find yourself burnt out or your family saying "ummm MOM are you ever going to stop working?"

Whether you are a newly started entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran, you may be missing (in my humble but accurate opinion) one of the most important things to be doing to grow your team and your biz.

That's what we are going to talk about today, so let's get started!

Stuck in the Entrepreneurs Rut...

What ends up happening is a lot of entrepreneurs find themselves in the same place every year when the year's over. They start to look back on where they're at and they're like, you know what? I'm just not where I want to be or my business hasn't grown as fast as I wanted. Or maybe I haven't made enough money or what I wanted to make.


And so I wanted to share with you a simple skill that you can do to make sure that you're not staying in that same rut. The rut where you find yourself falling off the consistency wagon, not having enough people to talk to or a lack of customers. Or even worse...all of those things. 

So first off, your business is coming up on a new year. I write this as people everywhere are getting ready to ring in a new year... a new decade.

(...hopefully you haven't just taken your foot off the gas this December.)

and....Of course we want to enjoy our family.

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Of course we want to do all the things (all the fun things!) and enjoy the holidays etc. However, we still want to be able to move our business forward inside of December. After all, Christmas and New Years is actually only two days.

And so I get it right. All of us get to the end of the year and we're like, you know what, I'm just going to kind of like take a break and maybe we might be thinking, "oh, how might we ramp it up for the next year".

And so this is what I want to share with you. Number one, I want you to look back on where you started last year

If you look at December of last year, I want you to check out where you're at compared to where you are now.

First off think that out in your mind and just kind of think, okay, where was I in that year and where am I now? There should be or I hope there is a ton of growth now. If there's not, there's something that we want to do to help you on your way to achieving your entrepreneurs goals.

Three, Two, One... Evaluation to Success

This one thing has totally changed my business, been able to help me grow faster, help me to move fast, helped me to just do everything faster and not waste any time. It's evaluation steps and what they call it is three, two, one evaluation.

Number one is you want to evaluate what worked. Now I do this on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis, on a yearly basis and then I like to do it at three years and five years so that you are evaluating where you're at. 

When I used to think about evaluation, I was like, that's a lot to think about, right?

It just seems so overwhelming, right? To think about all this stuff every day.

What worked, right? Well, everything worked, if you think about the day or the month as a whole, right? We don't want to get stuck in a situation where we're like "nothing works".

So what you do is you start by finding three things that worked. And it might be hard for you to find three things that worked in a sticky situation. Maybe in your business right now you're like, okay, well what worked?

If I was going to evaluate the year, I'd ask myself what worked well. If you're not the rank, you're not, if you're not making enough money that you wanted to make, if you're not where you want to be or you know exactly where you want to be or what you wanted to be doing. It's sometimes hard to find what worked.

But you want to get really specific on three things that worked. So you're gonna evaluate what works. Then you're going to take two things that didn't work. And this is super simple, just two. And the reason we do three work and two that didn't work is because we want to stay on the positive side. We want to always stay on the positive, stay away from the negative. Yes, we have to evaluate what didn't work and we have to make changes. We have to do things that are differently and different. So you want to be able to stay on the positive though. 

So that's my key here. So three things that worked, two things that didn't work and one thing that you might do differently.

I'm going to give you an example. So, you know, number one, yesterday, what worked well?

3 Things that worked

  • I didn't work at all​​​​
  • I slept in and got some much needed extra sleep
  • I did not feel guilty about the first two!

2 Things that didn't work

  • I didn't work at all!
  • I got stressed because things didn't get done (because I wasn't working)

1 Thing I might do differently

  • Not worry and stress about not working yesterday. Instead I'll focus on where I am and what I need to get done.

What worked for me yesterday is that I didn't work at all. I actually spent the time with my daughter. She was home for a few days on a university break. My son had a work shift he went to and then he came home and we made dinner and all chilled down on the couch. We watched Twilight and hung out. That's what we did yesterday. So that works for me as a mom. What else worked? I slept in, so that worked. I got some extra sleep. I did not feel guilty. Okay. So those are three things that worked for me yesterday.

Two things that didn't work for me yesterday is number one, I didn't work. Can you see how they can be on both sides. Number two, when I didn't work, there's things that didn't get done and it stressed me out a little bit, right? (yeah, I know)

When I woke up this morning I was like, Oh my gosh, I've got all these things to do because I didn't get any work done yesterday. 

Then what I might do differently is I might just not worry about that and just focus on where I'm at and being present with my children for the day.

So can you see how that works?

I hope that gives you a little bit of how you evaluate. Now of course, if you're going to evaluate, you know your business, your team, all those things you want to get specific, you want to do three things that work, two things that didn't, and one thing that you might do differently.

Doing things differently

Before we finish let's talk about how come we talk about one thing that we might do differently because if we have so many things that we might do differently than we're just running around, like with chickens with our heads cut off. We're not getting anywhere, we want to focus on one thing we might do differently to make that little 1% change.

So that at the end of the month, at the end of the year or the end of the day or whatever, that you have made some progress in your business.

Now, if you are struggling to figure out where you find all these people to talk to you, or you're not having people come to you, or maybe you're like, you know what, how do I even build my business on social media without being spammy?

I'm actually going to drop a link down below that you can get ahold of and it's going to help you be able to learn how to do that. It's the method I use. You'll also get two coaching calls with that, that are totally free and five modules that come with that, so you'll be able to check that out.

If you have any questions, go ahead and let me know.

Thanks for hanging with me. Have a great day friends.


Tracy xo

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