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7 Hard Learned But Valuable Lessons I Have Gained As An Entrepreneur

A little straight talk today.No BS, no fluff, just straight shootin’ from an Entrepreneur who has been in your business shoes.Now, If you can’t take some tough love or can’t handle to hear hard truth talk, do not read this blog. Stop Here and click away please.  But if you can handle it, I will start […]

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What To Look For In A Business Coach or Mentor

Have you noticed all the ‘coaches’ and ‘mentors’ popping up all over social media these last many months? It seems everywhere you turn there is a new coach on the social media block who just last week was just starting out inside their side hustle. Can anyone who hangs a shingle on their door become a coach […]

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He Told Me Off… Then Said He Was Unsubscribing

I received an “I’m going to unsubscribe” email from one of my long-time subscribers to my email list and I have to admit, it shook me for a moment. I will tell you the reason in a minute and then I’ll tell what I really think about it after I shook off the emotion of it […]

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How To Move Your Business Forward Faster In 2020 Without Sacrificing Your Family or Yourself

Entrepreneur? Are you looking to achieve your goals in 2020, move your business forward at light speed and do it without sacrificing your family or yourself? Here’s how!Do you have the same things happen in your business, over and over?Like…Not rank advancing fast enough?Not enough cash flow?Falling of the consistency wagon?Not enough people to talk […]

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