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What To Look For In A Business Coach or Mentor

Have you noticed all the ‘coaches’ and ‘mentors’ popping up all over social media these last many months?

It seems everywhere you turn there is a new coach on the social media block who just last week was just starting out inside their side hustle.

Can anyone who hangs a shingle on their door become a coach and mentor? It would seem so.

I think that is a major pitfall inside the social media space and the home-based business industry.

Anyone with a few months worth of experience feels they can call themselves a coach and there is no one out there to vet these claims.

Social media is a noisy place and when you put a few hundred new “pop up coaches” and their claims that they can help you build your business out there on the newsfeed…  well…. Social Media gets a lot more noisey. 

And it makes it really hard for those who are perhaps new to the industry or inexperienced in the space and eager to learn; to know where to turn or who to trust.

I have heard precisely this from many who have reached out to me for coaching telling me they found themselves wondering before they found me if what these other 'coaches/mentors' are saying is true and effective?

Do these new, self proclaimed ‘coaches’ need to have any kind of experience or proven results?

Sadly, no.

Many, not all, but many hang out in some guru’s group or another, fresh off of signing up with a network marketing or home based business opportunity, hear a few tips and turn around and regurgitate these tips as though they know first hand how it all works.  When in actuality they have barely implemented or tested these strategies, systems or tactics themselves and they likely have never seen the results they are claiming they can get you.  

And don't even get me started on all the false and over inflated income and success claims that seems to permeate the online space.

I ask you, is that the kind of coach you want?

You are probably thinking “no, of course not Tracy” however, sadly there are so many struggling entrepreneurs online, out there looking desperately for help to build their side hustle and are encountering a ‘pop up social media coach’ with every swipe they make.  

 My good friend, Dawn Sullivan, a top network marketing recruiter interviewed me for her community on Facebook back in January.  In this interview we discuss the importance of a coach and what you might look for when seeking out support.

We chat about some of the things to look for and consider when looking for a coach.

How looking for legitimate help from a proven coach who has real results themselves, actually practices what they preach, how different coaches are needed for different things and has a proven track record for helping their clients or students with desirable, profitable outcomes is critical. And so much more!

Listen in.

My Suggested Criteria When Looking for A Business Coach. 

This may help you navigate the overwhelming ‘pop up coach’ potholes along the road to finding the real, proven and experienced business mentors and coaches to support your  journey. 

My 7 Points to Consider.

1. They should be doing what they are teaching.

2. Do they have experience in the area I'm looking to learn in or did they just hang up a shingle last week? 

3. Are they trustworthy? Do they inspire you?

4. Are they relevant and current with what's working now? Are they cutting edge?

5. Do they attract quality people to their inner circle?

6. Do they have the results I want?

7. Do they have a proven coaching track record and business plan?

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