Finally... a Simple and Effective method to Creating Content that Influences your audience and Boosts Your Sales.

Using my clear and proven 5 C's Business Accelerator Formula you will monetize your social media posting simply by using this paint by numbers system.  

"The Content Solution gets results!! I have sold over $5000 in products in the last two months using this method. Before that I struggled to sell $100 a month." 

JulieAnne Growman - Direct Sales/Network Marketing

How and What You Say is Critical When Building a Business Online 


“It takes me forever to write anything because I’m constantly second guessing myself. It can literally take me 30 minutes to write out a simple social media post.”

"I post everyday but my thoughts, ideas and content are all over the place. It doesn't make sense fom one day to the next. No wonder no one is reaching out to me about my business."

"I feel like a sleazy salesman opening my trench coat to sell my goods."

Been there.

“I have a lot of patience, but not making any sales after all this time is starting to wear thin.”

“My writing never sounds as good as it does in my head. Somewhere between my heart and the post, everything gets lost and my business is dead”

“The silence is devastating. I ask questions, no one answers. I post an update, crickets. I offer my products, nothing.”

“I’ve tried a few writing formulas, but I’m embarrassed to publish them. They never sound like me.”


Are your social media posts and content creation falling flat? 

How to create scroll stopping posts that has your perfect propect buying in with every word they read.


Modules that walk you through your content solutions foundation. Each of the training inside the modules are carefully designed to help you write powerful, influencial content and create congruency 

that has been proven to help you connect from the heart and sell your offer like wild.

This Could Be You

Content That Connects

Is what you have to say relevant to the people you are trying to sell to? Connecting with your Content makes them take notice. Isn't it time to have your readers hanging on your every word and becoming your biggest fan?

Content that Compels

Sell Without Sleaze

There’s a hungry audience out there who needs exactly what you sell. We’ll show you how to reach them through compelling, effective content that gets results.

Content that Sells

Need I say more? $$$ What would it be like to have your content on social media bringing in buyers and new team members daily? You can take that to the bank. 

Content that Influences

Influential writing has many benefits.  Are you ready to be the influencer and thought leader that is creating profit with every piece of content your write?

Content That Saves You Time

Stop spending all day agonizing over your posting strategy. With a proven tool box of brainstorming techniques and one-of-a-kind exercises, you’ll be churning out posts in half the time, with none of the pressure.

Content that Hits the Mark

Write With Clarity & Precision

Put an end to rambling, boring social media posts that miss the mark. You’ll learn how to get to the point, leap off the page, stop the scroll and stand out so you never sound like anyone else.

What's Inside This Solution

Using my clear and proven 5 C's Business Accelerator Formula you will monetize your social media posting simply by using this paint by numbers system.  

The course materials, including countless real-life examples that have generated massive engagement and thousands in sales, video trainings, companion worksheets and specific how to's so you can start seeing results immediately. Everything is instantly available within our online student portal.

Stop Being The Best kept Secret!

If you run any kind of business, your messaging is more important than ever. You owe it to yourself and the people you’re meant to serve to write as authentically, powerfully and persuasively as possible.

We’ve got your back.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

All In Best Value!

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Most Flexible:

 Two payments of 280.00 usd each 

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What others are saying:

Unparalleled expertise in content creation and digital marketing   

Tracy’s unparalleled expertise in content creation and digital marketing has helped countless entrepreneurs achieve incredible and often life changing results inside their businesses.  I’ve personally worked with Tracy and have gone on to refer several of my downline to Tracy to get coaching with her very specific and highly effective business strategy mentorship. This is another one of her must have courses!

Dawn Sullivan  //  Top Network Marketing Leader

I now have a business system and proven strategies to creating content that works!

Pre-Tracy I was grasping at different things, different trainings, frustrated and following all sorts of online names just trying to figure out how to make this all work.  Since finding Tracy, I have direction and finally an understanding of how to build and market my business on-line. I am crystal clear on exactly what makes me money and how to show up with my content online. I now have a business system and proven strategies to creating content, targeting my ideal customers and I have gone on to build a downline team in the dozens after spending years struggling and listening to all the wrong people.

Lisa Smith  //  Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer

Content That Connects, Compels + Sells is a marketer's gem. It's the Solution

This course is Not like the others! 

Unlike other content courses that give you a few ideas on a checklist or a sheet of headline hooks, Content that Connect, Compels + Sells  Solution will teach you exactly how and what to post to drive the sale, the reasons and purpose behind the different kinds of compeling posts so you know the difference and what to use, when . You will finally know how to write the content to motivate your prospects into action.
  1. 1
    Real Life examples of the different kinds of posts that connect, compel and sell and you'll come away knowing when and where to use each kind and style. It's fool proof. My best selling posts broken down for you.
  2. 2
    Easy content creation and batching strategies that keep your message consistent and compeling and helps you create a months worth of powerful posting so you don't need to think about it everyday. This frees up your time for other things that matter.
  3. 3
    Quick brainstorming methods that help you think outside the box with worksheets you can refer back to again and again.

Tracy Chalmers  //  Author + Creator

Hey there! 

I remember when I first came online. Man, my content marketing sucked. After several years and many failures I finally figured it out. 

I teach entreprenurs just like you how to effectively and profitably leverage social media to build a strong business with simple, duplicable content systems that allows you to build from anywhere you and your laptop are. 

I'll  help you learn how to create content that is highly effective and implement it with strategies to take your business to a whole new level.

No more "hey girl" messages or "fake friending" people on Facebook looking for an opportunity to drop your link or talk about your business. Those days are gone my friend!

Tracy Chalmers 

Write Faster, Better Content & Never Get Writer’s Block Again

Get the exact tools and strategies I use to write profit producing copy. Use them to create an avalanche of original, unque, jaw-dropping content every day of the week.

Get instant access to Content That Connects, Compels + Sells now!

All In Best Value! 

 1 payment of $497usd

Most Flexible:

 Two payments of 280 usd each 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

After you watch and complete the first module, if you don’t think Content That Connect, Compels + Sells will help you create content that will simplify, attract, connect, compel and sell your service or offer I demand you get a refund.

Simply shoot my support desk an email and we’ll promptly and cheerfully refund your payment upto 7 days from date of purchase.

So, as you can see, there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

Tracy Chalmers

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