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Facebook 101: What’s Working Now

Two of the questions I frequently get asked is:

How can I use Social Media to get more people to buy my products or join my opportunity/team? and With all the never ending updates and changes to facebook’s algorithms…ugh… what’s working now?

Surprisingly, when it relates to social media, the answer has MORE to do with who YOU are and your habits on facebook and less to do with your product or opportunity.

Not to dismiss the value of what you are offering, but think about this for a minute…

Would it be fair to say that social media is all about presentation and social interaction?

First of all, we all have a tendency to make our decisions about whether to do business with a person or a company based on the outward image they project, am I right?

Not many like to admit, but it’s the truth.

Image matters.

Especially on social media where there are so many factors competing for your attention.

If you want to attract a following, you must create an impressionable brand. And as much as I love taking about Branding I really want to discuss Social Interaction in this blog. So If you’d like to learn more about Branding check out one of my other posts or my opening video.

While branding IS a critical factor, you also must have a killer online marketing strategy.

Second of all and no less important than Presentation is Social Interaction.

Have you ever heard the phrases,

  • What Comes Around Goes Around?
  • Give a Little, Get a Little, Give a Lot, Get a lot…

…You get the idea.

What you give on facebook is directly linked to what you receive in return. I know, crazy eh! Lol….

Imagine for a minute, little facebook worker bees buzzing around inside the facebook system taking a paper and pencil tally of all the social interaction YOU give to others in this social platform and then in turn allowing more of your posts to be put out into others’ feeds for the world to see.

So, if you are stingy with showing others love and attention then they too will be stingy in sharing your posts and simply not let it get out there for the world to enjoy.

Make sense?

“Let’s put Social back in Media”

Have you been using Facebook to build your business?

The most powerful tool in this industry right now is social media—whether you’re into online marketing, network marketing, or the home-based business industry in general—is building a following of people that know, like and trust you.

Using facebook strategically, you’re going to do that in a big way.

However, if you are doing it wrong or facebook doesn’t like the way you’re interacting you could be driving more people away, people that could potentially end up in your business.

It’s important to find out the do’s and don’ts of using social media to build your business. What’s working now…?


Let’s discuss…


So you are probably wondering if there is going to be a facebook 201?

hmm…. YES! In fact, I have already shot the video. I will be blogging about it very soon. If you want to be notified as soon as I post it, sign up here and be a part of my inner circle.

Hugs to you all!

Tracy  -XO

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