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The Academy Lab & Lounge

I've seen so many people start their business, read every "how-to" book on business and mindset and grab every "freebie" out there and still never take a single action in their business.

Sound familiar?   ....and often, it's because they really dont know how to create a lifestyle business in today's modern online world.

Strategies, systems, tactics, social media platforms, websites, funnels, automation, process.... ugh, it can all be so overwhelming and not knowing keeps you stuck. Sometimes you just need a little help connecting the dots.

This Private Mastermind Membership helps network marketers create a lifestyle freedom business instead of being chained to your phone, missing out on special family events and feeling like you're selling your soul . Regardless of which company you are with this membership is for people who take action, have a burning desire to grow their team and take their business and lifestyle to the next level.

Our aim is to help you achieve more FREEDOM, ALIGNMENT of PASSION and FUN in your life all while building a kick ass home based business. Rank Up to Bank Up and create that influencial Social Swagger.

In here you will learn simple to understand business principles and cutting edge social media tactics and strategies which you can apply to your own business immediately to create profitable outcomes and grow your team.

From my experience most people need help with the following:  

So here is just a taste of what I'll be teaching: 

* How to Build a Brand and Influence Online Utilizing Attraction Marketing for Your Business and turn it into a thriving bold, in demand brand

* How to leverage social media & develop mad skills to build a global online business

* Understand and use Facebook ads to reach your target market and ideal customer and new team partners

Learn highly effective and proven Strategies, systems, tactics, funnels and automation to leverage various social media platforms powerfully

* The power of voice and message. Ad and post creation, Content and effective Social Media posting that makes you an influencer instantly

* Getting more downline team mates and customers; Prospecting and Follow up

* Mindset, Head Space Crap that's holding you hostage. Understanding how your thoughts may be sabotaging your success and helping you clearing the clutter

* How to make shifts and reprogram self-limiting thoughts and beliefs

* How to get a business started or revived, strategically, successfully online

* Productivity, Time Management and DMO Daily Method of Operation. Understanding  that it's more than just consistency. It's carefully engineered profit producing behavious everyone can implement today

...PLUS  you'll have front row Invitations to the Lab and Lounge LIVE Master Classes where you can get my eyeballs and expertise on your business

* stand out in the sea of sameness in the most crowded spaces of social media 

  • Exclusive Members Only Access inside a private member's site with your own log in and password. 
  • All arranged in organized modules with topics so you can come back to the training again and again. Live events happen monthly

..... and SO much more

Join us in the Academy Lab and Lounge.

We'll have fun, you'll grow and rank advance and you'll get a front row seat to watch me navigate the woes and craziness of parenting 2 university students, being a dog mom, travelling and training students and clients around the world, build my own organization and as if that isn't enough..... you'll get to laugh at me as I try to fit in some gym 

Oh, yes.... and inside  the Lounge Facebook group we have lots of fun sharing our stories of failing and blowing it at parenting, burpees, life and anything else that makes us real all the while building our freedom lifestyle businesses.

Regardless of where you are in your journey. 

If you are looking to make your first $500.00 or your next 6 or 7 figures. We welcome you.

This isn't just another boring, fluff filled group...
 it's a Lab and Lounge ready to be Bada$$ & Get Sh!t Done in a real and authentic way. 
Probably with a glass or three of wine along the way.

Is this Mastermind Membership for you?

What Your Peers Have To Say About Tracy and The Academy Lab & Lounge

Kolette & Jason Hall

Network Marketers & Professional Speaker 

Thank you so much! We feel we have been so blessed to have found you to help us.

Thank you for your wonderful teaching ability and mentoring. 

Lorraine Mortensen

Network Marketer

Tracy is one of the most professional, well spoken, valuable business mentors that I follow. I love the way you teach and highly prefer it to the other spammy in your face approaches out there. You just keep being you because you rock!

Monthly Membership

You can stay as long as you need and access the live training, cheat sheets, scripts, resources and invitations to the Lab & Lounge LIVE Mastermind trainings



per month, freedom to cancel anytime

Who This Membership is NOT for:

  • You're already bringing in $200k/year on a consistent basis
  • You've already got a thriving business and tribe
  • You need to make a quick buck or this business is just a hobby for you
  • You don't like change or modern online strategies or systems
  • You feel defensive if someone gives you feedback or tries to coach you
  • You really believe that your way is the best way
  • You are not open to learning or thinking outside the box

Meet Tracy Chalmers 

Tracy is a professional teacher and trainer by trade. While she loved teaching for fifteen years, she was tired of the glass ceiling and income cap and knew there had to be more out there. Tracy decided to pursue something more and the search led her to network marketing. She began working her network marketing business part-time.

Tracy established and implemented strong systems in building her team. To her surprise, she was able to retire from teaching. She began working full-time in her business.

Tracy then became determined to learn to market effectively online and discover the underlying secrets of what her target market and niche really want. She was determined to market like a pro. Tracy committed herself to the process of learning the ins and outs of market awareness and marketing specifically to those she wanted to reach. Since then Tracy has implemented these skills into her business... and she has never looked back.

Tracy is a multiple award winning, industry recognized business success mentor, trainer, author and network marketing team leader

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Rank Up To Bank Up and Create

Serious Social Swagger

YES! I'm ready 

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