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Consulting & MENTORSHIP

Are You Interested In Personally Working With Tracy?

Tracy is very selective when deciding to take on a new client because your outcomes and results are important to her. She only works with a select few of highly motivated entrepreneurs monthly as she completely embeds herself into your business. 

Even those of us who are super independent, high level earners and players still need support and accountability from time to time. I admit it, sometimes I have to ask for help when I am leveling up. Whenever I hire a mentor, it’s always the best investment in myself and my business I ever make.

If you know you’re ready to take a leap forward in your life and business and you feel like you’re sort of been spinning your wheels and nothing’s happening, we might be a good fit.

If you know there’s got to be an easier way, you’ve worked through countless “freebie” training  and “do-it-yourself” programs and nothing seems to change, even if you’ve possibly worked with other coaches and mentors who just didn’t help you get the results you wanted... I think I can help you.

I am very selective when I agree to mentor and consult a client. I get all up in your business and into the weeds with you.  It is intense. It is very important to me that we are a great fit. 


Tracy is one of the most professional, well spoken, valuable business mentors that I follow. I love the way you teach and highly prefer it to the other spammy in your face approaches out there. You just keep being you because you rock!

Lorraine Mortensen Professional Network marketer 


Tracy is an amazing person and coach. She deeply cares about her clients at a personal level. She really wants to understand her clients so she can help them grow both their mind and their business. 

Her approach is a rare sight to see and if you take the time to be vulnerable, open and honest with her, (she doesn't BS around), I promise you will start seeing results.

I started coaching with Tracy 7 months ago. 4 months later I had a few clients, 3 months later I'm helping 100's of clients and that has resulted in 10's of thousands of dollars for their businesses.

I'll repeat, she doesn't BS around, and will show you tough love when you need it, but it's because she cares so damn much and wants you to succeed.  It's what makes Tracy an incredible leader! Thank you Tracy for all you do!

Richard Bretton Digital Marketing Tech Specialist

First things first. Here’s a list of criteria I use before I hire anyone to mentor me. If I don’t fit these criteria for you, we probably aren’t a good fit.

  • ​Do they have a specific strategy that resonates with me?
  • ​Do I trust them?
  • ​Do they have what I want in a specific area?
  • Do they inspire me?
  • ​Are they relevant? Is what they’re teaching working for other people?​​​

If you answered “yes” to the above questions as they pertain to you and me, then YAY! We’re probably a perfect fit and I’d love to meet with you. I will ask you to complete an application (below) and I will be in touch.

HERE'S HOW I Help you... It's about results

I work with coachable, committed home business owners looking to seriously level up their business.

No Stone Goes Unturned.

I audit and evaluate your entire business. Your systems, processes and strategies. I get all in the weeds of your business. We also dig into your head space. I work with your Mindset Blocks to create shifts that help you identify gaps, connect the dots, stop the self sabotage and get sh!t done.

If your mindset tells you “you can’t, you’re not good enough, you’re not like them…” or other bullsh!t stories, no matter how many "how-to’s" and skill sets books you’ve read, I’ll get you unstuck and taking massive strategic and deliberate action in your business.

I do not work with traditional mindset methods. I do not believe in "manifesting" or "vision boards" or "hoping" until the cows come home. That stuff is just fluff. You will never hope and dream yourself rich.  I have unique approaches that help you unleash your sh!t and start taking massive action.

I help you develop and implement strategies, systems and processes for making massive shifts in your marketing and help you create systems and form a strategic process to help you use the internet and social media to generate leads, make more sales, create a stronger online brand and a mind blowing business. It's about Outcomes and Results.

Our work together is customizable and tailor made to best support you or your small group. Often it is the over-looked little tweaks or system that can make a massive difference in results.

Are you:

  • Someone who has a burning desire to create Success?
  • ​Someone that is Dependable?
  • Someone that can have fun and lives with an uplifting Attitude and strives for a Success Mindset?
  • Someone that doesn’t live life based around your ‘Excuses’ and "ya... buts"? 
  • Someone that will meet challenges head on and not cave when the tough stuff come up? Will you show up?
  • If the above characteristics describe YOU and you are just fun to work with, because life is too short not to have fun while we grow then click the button below to fill out your application. I look forward to meeting you!

What Specifically Are You Looking for Help With?

1. Private 1:1 or Small Group Mastermind Consulting 

Apply Below to learn more about my 1:1 coaching. We'll schedule a complimentary session so we can talk about your goals and challenges.  We will also assess if we’re a good fit and we’ll go from there.

Various Packages available to fit your needs and desired results. This option is a serious financial investment and it requires commitment.

Do you have a buddy or three you want to learn and grow with? Great, we can create a private, small group coaching mastermind that will benefit all of you! 

2. Looking For Advice Around Your Social Media Presence?  

I've gotcha' 🙂 covered.  I offer a Complete Social Media Audit  to help you streamline your posting, clean up your your online presence to create posture to get noticed and get results. I will comb through profiles, pages, groups, website and funnels and make critical recommendations to improve your business posture. 

 Paid in Full prior to Audit.

Most clients hire me to audit their Social Media Platforms and Funnel consult for 5-10 hours total depending on the size and complexity of their brand and platforms.  This is entirly flexible based on your needs. Social Media audit may include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Personal Website, funnels etc.

I will be all in. Will you? Let’s talk about what’s possible.  Please be as detailed and specific in your application below so I can support you best.