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Content That Connects, Compels and Sells Solution

  - Highly Recommended for Online Content Creation

This course is a marketer's gem. Using Tracy's clear and proven 5 C's Business Accelerator Formula you will monetize your content simply by using this paint by numbers system.  This is the Solution you have been looking for.
Unlike other content idea courses that give you a few ideas on a checklist or a sheet of headline hooks, Content that Connect, Compels + Sells Solution  will teach you exactly how and what to post to drive the sale, the reasons and purpose behind the different kinds of compelling posts so you know the difference and what to use, when . You will finally know how to write the content to motivate your prospects. 
  • Real Life examples of the different kinds of posts that connect, compel and sell and you'll come away knowing when and where to use each kind and style. My best selling posts broken down for you.
  • Easy content creation and batching strategies that keeps your message consistent and compelling and creates a month's worth of powerful posting so you don't need to think about it everyday.
  • Quick brainstorming methods that help you think outside the box with worksheets you can refer back to again and again. 

    and so much more...

Write Faster, Better Content, Never Get Writer’s Block Again & Compel Your Propsects To Buy

Get the exact tools and strategies I use to write profit producing copy and posts. Use them to create an avalanche of original, unique, jaw-dropping content every day of the week. 

My 15-15-15 Daily Method Of Operation Formula

  - Highly Recommended for When Life Gets Away from You

This formula was born out of necessity. When I was building my home based online business part time in the early years with a young family, employment outside of the home, running around to the many extra curriculars a family has, all while running a household... Well, let's say there were more chaotic days than I care to admit!

I was often overwhelmed, feeling frustrated around my business and feeling like I was losing my sh!t. You know those kind of days?

This formula is all about doing the specific, non-negotiable behaviours and actions that keep you and your audience of followers engaged in your business even when your world is crumbling around you. I will teach you HOW to still show up for those who are counting on you and HOW to continue to move the needle inside your business so you can attract more customers, clients or team mates and make more money.

  • You'll gain clarity around what is important and what you can let slide during times of chaos when life gets in the way  
  • Actionable next steps for your business so you can make more money 
  •  Printable Daily Worksheet to Streamline and Simplify 
  •  Bonus access to my private Facebook group for ongoing support 

Simplified, Organized, Step by Step Action For Your Daily Method Of Operation When Life's Demands Have You  Running For The Hills

The Ultimate Target Market Identifier TM

Find Your Ideal Customer or Client and Land Them - Highly Recommended Course

In this powerful training course you will learn insider secrets ... to find your ideal prospect, customer, client and new team member.  Knowing this will set your selling and recruiting message apart from all the other marketers and sellers out there in this noisy world of social media so you can surpass your income goals. 

  • Get a simple, step-by-step process for identifying and signing up YOUR ideal Customer, New Team Business Builder or Client and how to communicate with them easily in your messages and posts that will compel them to reach out to you for  more information. 
  • Discover little known secrets to navigating that deep sea of people to isolate your niche and appeal to their deeply embedded desires every time. Being able to Zero in on the people who want what you have is critical to building a Huge, Profitable Business.
  • Zero in and understand your ideal market's unique characteristics and motivators that will set you apart from all the others offering the same product, service or opportunity.

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The Ultimate Target Market Identifier
TM Course Today

Passion To Profit TM

  - Highly Recommended Signature Master Business Program

Go from hustling and frustrated to having a premium online business that makes sales EVERY single day...
Creating Your Business Breakthrough and Turning Your Purpose and Passion Into Profit

A Game Changer! 

It's time to transform with intention every aspect of your Life + Business so you can create your business breakthroughh and turn your passion and life's mission into a profitable reality...

I have found that most people really need field tested, relevant strategies and proven solutions that lead to RESULTS, with support and accountability from a heart-centered, no BS coach with proven results and experience to back up what they are teaching.

Here's What You'll Get…

  •   Access to the Passion To Profit TM System with the Proven Income + I.M.P.A.C.T. Method
  •  6 Actionable Modules. I teach you the HOW.  HOW to take action with a clear understanding of the foundations of Business, Brand, Market Awareness, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Business Organization, Profit Generation and more all presented in a proven, results driven curriculum. 
  • Additional Support Tools and Resources to accompany the video training modules. You'll gain access to downloadables and companion workbooks to help you move through each module, implementing as you move your business forward.
  • All inside a digital dashboard with a private log in. All learning modalities accommodated.
  • Incredible Bonuses AND An Amazing VIP Experience available for those who want serious results, profit and exclusive 1:1 access to Tracy

Brand Clarity Session

  - Highly Recommended 1:1

Brand Clarity Session with Tracy

Our Brand + Business Clarity Sessions are instrumental in helping my clients access new realms of possibility and profit for their brands and their businesses.  It's about Outcomes and Results.

The Brand + Business Clarity Session offers:

  • Consultation on and not limited to Business Strategy, Mindset & Stuck States and or Social Media Branding Clarity
  • One (1) power-packed 60-minute coaching session with Tracy. Please allow for a 15-minute buffer at the conclusion in case we go over.
  • You leave with clarity on the next steps for your business

 - Free Facebook Coaching Group 

If you are ready to take your business, online marketing, personal branding and your lifestyle to the next level, this group is for you.

We're the coolest squad of Business Owners who want to stop playing small and are sick of the fluff, B.S. and over inflated hype seen everywhere out there on social media.

This group is unlike other groups. In here you will find realistic, proven and tangible trainings full of grounded business strategy and process, usable tactics and hacks so you can build a business that aligns with the authentic Lifestyle you are after. 

The Academy
Lab & Lounge
-  Exclusive Club

How to go from awkward, ineffective network marketer with no results to a badass marketing hacker who's ranking up and banking up and achieving serious social swagger. 

People start their business, read every "how-to" book and grab every "freebie" out there and still never make a buck.

Sound familiar?   ....and often, it's because they really don't know how to create a lifestyle business in today's modern online world.

Strategies, systems, tactics, social media platforms, brand, websites, funnels, automation, lead gen, process.... ugh, it can all be so overwhelming and not knowing keeps you stuck. Sometimes you just need a little help connecting the dots.

This Private Mastermind Membership helps online marketers create a lifestyle freedom business instead of being chained to your phone, missing out on special family events and feeling like you're selling your soul . Regardless of which company you are with, this membership is for people who take action, have a burning desire to grow their team, create systems and processes and take their business and lifestyle to the next level so they can make more money.

Join others from all over the world and discover the insider secrets and learn simple to understand business principles and cutting edge social media tactics which you can apply to your own business immediately to create profitable outcomes and grow your team.

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