A Glimpse Into My Network Marketing Journey ~ Create A Business That Changes Everything

A Glimpse Into My Network Marketing Journey

When I first started my journey with my company, and with network marketing, I knew I was stepping outside my comfort zone.

I knew absolutely nothing about network marketing but the products and business model fascinated me. I also knew I’d meet resistance or negative comments from friends and family. Read more of Tracy’s story here 

You see, many people think network marketing is “a pyramid scheme and/or not a legitimate business” because over the years we all know people who have joined various companies, expected to get rich quick without putting in the work, without growing and developing themselves and learning the industry.  

They were sold the dream and they treated it like a lottery ticket expecting it to make them millionaires in a few months. Lol! (heck, I went to university for five years to become a teacher.)

And when these people didn’t make it big instantly they quit and went on to tell others that network marketing doesn’t work and it’s a scam.

(In reality it was them who didn’t work!) 

I was (and obviously still am) SO passionate about the life changing health and wellness company I partnered with. I really feel it’s a legacy company with legacy products.

I knew that for me to realize my dreams, it would require me to step outside of my comfort zone…go against the naysayers and develop myself in this ‘new to me’ industry….. so that is exactly what I did.


Do you want to know something?

I literally would worry each time I wrote a post. Each time I picked up the phone. Each time I talked with someone about my product even though I truly believed it would benefit them.

I worried about being judged, that people would think I was crazy, think less of me and I would lose friends.

Guess what???

ALL of those things happened!!!

Guess what else???

I don’t care!

The relationships that I have formed, and the people I have been able to assist, collaborate with and connect with, have far more value than any relationship that was lost because they think I am crazy.

The lives I have been able to impact with this business and the health and wellness products I rep has been incredible. My team and the coaching clients I work with are remarkable people! I am so priviledged to have all these people in my life.


It’s a fact that many products coming out of most network marketing companies are top notch products. Far superior than the products you can buy at retail outlets. Often at similar pricing.

I don’t know about you but I will not shop at the grocery store or drug store for my skincare or nutritional supplements. They simply are not good enough. You get what you pay for.

May I Offer You My Humble Advice?

Yes, it takes work! It won’t happen over night. It is NetWORK marketing after all.

It takes commitment, full time effort and a success mindset and you need to engage in personal development daily.

The onus is on you!! You need to do the work… every day.

Not someday, not sometimes, not once in a while. Everyday!

Even if this business is a part time business while working a full time job you still needs to commit to a carved out chunk of time daily to build your business with full time tenacity. You need to utilize the systems your upline leaders have in place.


Implement Systems. What is your Daily Method of Operation? Do you have one? If not, reach out to me if you need guidance.

Feel free to join my Academy Lab & Lounge and learn my systems. 

Maybe you need to find a new upline leader and a company you can be passionate about. 


If you want something in your life, then GO AFTER IT.  It is YOURS for the taking.  Quit waiting for permission from others — you are an adult, give YOURSELF permission.

Yes, it will be hard and yes, it takes time but it is absolutely doable and achievable!

DO NOT let your fear hold you back from realizing your dreams!! 

Quit listening to friends and family members who are unhappy, broke, and unfulfilled, when you KNOW there are people out there like YOU, who want MORE out of this one life.


SHOW UP, DO THE WORK, QUIT MAKING EXCUSES and ENGAGE in all the training. Make your business and dream the priority.

Look, We are all busy. I juggle my schedule and commitments to be on or host all the training calls and webinars, to attend functions big and small and to be present for my team. Those who make this business their priority are the ones who are successful. 

Don’t be afraid to dream big …there are people that you haven’t even met yet who will be your biggest supporters <img class=” />

wishing you success,

In Gratitude

XO ~ Tracy


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