How To Make Your Social Media Posts Impossible To Ignore ~ Create A Business That Changes Everything

How To Make Your Social Media Posts Impossible To Ignore

Is Social Media a part of your home based business? Are you leveraging it to your advantage?

Then pay close attention to what you’re going to discover here.

Because most network marketers are doing it all WRONG.

They make a few seemingly innocent mistakes… which are causing their posts to be completely ignored by potential prospects.

And all their time spent trying to build their business on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram (to name two) is going to waste.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you why people AREN’T engaging with your FB posts… and reveal 3 ways you can make them much more compelling and nearly impossible for the RIGHT prospects to ignore.

Let’s dig in…

If you’ve tried using Social Media to enroll people into your business, or just spread the word about what you do… you might have noticed something.

When you post about your family, your dog, your favorite dinner, what you did Saturday night – everyone loves it! You get tons of likes and comments.

But when you post about your product or opportunity – um, well you wonder where everyone is. No one has anything to say.

Or, the only people chiming in are other people in your company. Right?

This can be SO frustrating!

It is possible to get more engagement on your business-related posts, and even have people contact YOU to get more information. (This FREE Social Media Recruiting Frenzy guide digs deep into this topic. My friend Julie put this together and I’m sharing it as I think it’s brilliant and it works)

But for today’s purposes, most people use Facebook to find out what’s going on with friends, to stay connected with family, and to get information on their favorite people, goods, services, and activities.

Your posts have to stand out as something that is of interest and value to your audience. Something different from all the other posts that sell the same thing.

Here’s why they might not currently stand out:

1.) There are A TON of people in direct sales and MLM and people are tired of feeling like they’re constantly getting “pitched” or sold to.

They get on Facebook to see pictures of a friend’s new baby, see what their former co-workers are up to, and connect with other people. If you can inspire and uplift them, even better.

They aren’t on Facebook to be sold.

***One of my huge DO NOT’S when it comes to social media***

IF you do post about your business opportunity or products, you may find, as I mentioned, that the likes and comments only come from others in your company.

This is ok, but not ideal – you want to attract those who are NOT already involved.

Occasionally, I’ve seen Sally Consultant post a picture of her product and offer to send “the first 10 people who comment” a free sample.

The first comment is from Sally Consultant’s friend, Jane Consultant  – “Pick me! I want to try it!”


Not only does it sound fake, you’re assuming people are stupid.

It only takes one, maybe two clicks to figure out that Jane Consultant works for the same company.

People are smart enough to figure out that you’re just trying to help each other promote the product and no one is GENUINELY interested.

In my opinion, you absolutely kill your credibility with these types of shenanigans.

2.) Most network marketing posts and messages are about the seller, not the person receiving it.  These look familiar?

“Join my team today!”

“Work with the best – We’re #1 in [Industry]!”
“Get in on the ground floor – The timing has never been better!”

“I’ve made a bazillion dollars already” Look at them >>> Super tacky!

Here’s why posts like this don’t work: people want to know how YOU can help THEM and they don’t really believe you.

Everything about this type of post says “Me! My Company!” It does nothing to show them what they can gain, what’s in it for them.

Additionally, over time our brain learns to completely ignore posts from certain people in our feed… and if we aren’t liking, commenting or sharing someone’s posts, Facebook eventually removes their stuff from our feed.

3.) People are just flat out tired of scrolling through network marketing message after network marketing message.

Everyone is telling them to come hear about the “opportunity of a lifetime” and I can “learn how to have more time and flexibility.”

What they really want to see is the real you. You being authentic. You sharing your life. You walking the walk.

So, how do you make your social media messages stand out?

Be real and authentic 

Show others how to make a change

Live the life that makes others ask, “how can I do that?”

This Social Media Recruiting frenzy digs deep into this answer, but it boils down to one thing. We like to be around people that we know, like, and trust. When we like and trust someone, we are more likely to buy from them when the need arises.

So your goal when posting on Facebook about your business should be to demonstrate that you have the best interest of others – not sales – at heart.

If you’re like me, you genuinely feel this way. You want everyone to know that they are worthy and capable of achieving success and living a life of their own design.

When you’re real and authentic on Facebook or any social media platform, people will want to know more. So what should your posts be about?

Here are three tips:

Brand yourself, Not Your Company

People don’t buy in to opportunities or products, they buy in to YOU. Share your authentic life and, more importantly, be vulnerable.

I’ve seen the most engagement (and results) from posts where I told people how hard something was, and how I overcame that difficulty.

Being vulnerable also allows people to relate to you. If you never show your raw side, if you never share your challenges, people will believe your life is all sunshine and rainbows.

No one can relate to a life that’s all sunshine and rainbows.

(Disclaimer: there’s a difference between sharing your challenges and airing your dirty laundry. Be vulnerable, not a drama-queen.)

When people can relate to you, they create a connection, and are more apt to follow you and see themselves doing what you do.

Being authentic and vulnerable about yourself and your life, and not splashing your company name all over every post, almost always helps you achieve Tip #2.

Create Curiosity

By nature we humans are curious creatures. We want to see what is around the bend, cliffhangers keep us coming back for more, and we love to know the backstory around a dramatic situation.

When you are plastering your company name all over your newsfeed, you eliminate ALL curiosity about what it is you are doing. They can go to the Google and type in the company name. They don’t need you anymore.

However, when you share a story about a physical or lifestyle transformation, show a compelling before and after photo, or talk about the social impact a group of people have made WITHOUT mentioning any company names or showing products, you create the desire to know more.

That desire leads to, “Humm, I wonder what that’s all about?” Some will comment or message you to find out, which leads to a conversation.

The curious but cautious may not take action but will become more tuned into your posts, even subconsciously. They may become like Santa….always watching.


Provide Value

This is one of, if not THE most important thing you can do in every aspect of your business!

Remember, people, by nature, want to know what they can gain from following you. When you post about things that are of interest or helpful to your audience, they’re more likely to trust you when make a recommendation.

Now since your goal is to attract people to you and your business, some of your posts should provide valuable information as it relates to what you have to offer.

For instance, if you are in a beauty company, you can post “5 daily habits to achieve healthy, radiant skin.”

Over time your audience will label you as someone very knowledge about skincare and beauty and therefore will think of you when they are ready to tackle a skincare issue.

Brilliant right!?

Mindset Shift…

This may be a big mindset shift if you have been working with a company that has been coaching you to post specifically about your company’s products and business opportunity on social Media. They do not have your best interest at heart. They want to be branded. They do not want you to brand yourself.

But I promise, it does work. You will get more engagement when you brand yourself, create curiosity, and provide value.

Again if you’re like me, you may have already been down the path of solely promoting your product and business. That’s OK. You can still make the shift with these 2 steps.

  1. Stop right now with the company posts. Just stop. Remember, social media is a balance of your real, authentic life AND what you have to offer.
  2. Start using the smarter way of social media recruiting. Make posts that are related to your business or products in to something that offers a glimpse of your personality. Make your posts prompt people to ask “what (s)he doing?” And provide helpful, value based information, tips, and/or ideas to your audience.


Do This NOW

Now that you have some insight into why you aren’t getting the engagement you want and how to fix it, go take Massive Action. Implement what you have learned. That’s the only way it does you any good.

As always, please share this blog with your team,  especially to those who are new to the business or are frustrated with their growth or social media engagement. This will help them.

Finally, click the picture below to learn an Easy Way To Recruit On Social Media – Rejection FREE. Your business and your bank account  will thank you. And heck, it’s free so what do you have to lose!?!

Until next time, go out and make an IMPACT.

Cheers to your Success!

Tracy  ~XO

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