Mindset Matters: Is This Holding You Back?

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Mindset Matters: Is This Holding you Back?

Have you heard the saying “most of your money is made outside of your comfort zone?”

It’s true! Highly successful people know this truth and embrace it!

Highly successful people still feel fear. Absolutely! We all do, but the difference is they don’t give into it.

They push it aside and do what scares them anyway! And THAT is why they get such spectacular results!

See, here is the thing about fear when it comes to your business.

When you feel it, whether it be when you know you need to be picking up the phone and calling your leads, doing a presentation, doing a video or a webinar or going up on stage to collect your award.

Look, you have two choices.

You either give in to your fear and NOT do what you know you should be doing OR embrace that fear, push through it and DO what you need to for the growth of your business.

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Here is how to use fear to EXPLODE your business.

When you pick up that phone or do that video and survive, you feel good!

You feel proud! And those feeling give you the courage to do it again.

So, you call another prospect or cut another video and BAM!

Again, you survive, feel really good and feel proud.

So you do what you were afraid of a third time.

Those feelings and that sense of accomplishment start to take over and keep you doing what you were originally afraid to do.

And you start to see results in your business for doing so.

Soon you find it’s time for something bigger!

Something even scarier!

Like a webinar….

But, guess what? You can do it because you survived those other things that scared you.

So you do said scary thing, survive, feel good, feel proud. See how it works?

And now, you have had a break through my friend!

And this is when the results start pouring in.

Results you would NOT have earned had you stayed safe and snug in your comfort zone.

This is when your business starts to explode!

Had you not originally felt fear, you would not have experienced all the good feelings and sense of accomplishment that happened from tackling that fear.

And it’s these feelings that give you the fire and courage to do what you were originally afraid to do.

The things that are now getting you the results in your business that you had only dreamed of.

You also start to learn incredible things about yourself.

That you are capable of much more that you ever thought possible.

Your self- confidence skyrockets! You become incredibly empowered. Your posture doubles.

And you start to step into your own greatness.

So embrace fear.

It is a gift.

Take advantage of it.

Use it to help propel you to where you want to be, in your business

and in your life!

May I recommend a book?

I am not receiving any commissions or kick backs for this recommendation. I am simply sharing a book I loved! It has helped me over the years and I’m sure you’ll pick up a nugget of brilliance from it as well.

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Cheers to your growth and pushing through your comfort zone!

your friend,
Tracy ~ XO


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